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What Should You Know About Buds of The Tongue

What Should You Know About Buds of The Tongue

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Traditional Chinese medicine has an ancient history, great value at all levels and throughout the world and especially in the world of medicine and alternative therapies. Thus, there are several alternatives, drugs, therapies, exercises and practices for all kinds of diseases, ranging from infection to certain cancers, diabetes or arthritis.

Taste buds

Taste buds are small sensory organs located on the tongue, managers, perceive and distinguish the different flavors, divided into sweet, salty, sour, bitter and sour stimulate similar imperceptible beautiful microscopic sensors, located in the papillae and managers sending the information in response to the brain, said about flavor.

To look in the mirror, probably not appreciate nothing strange if your tongue looks soft and pink and even, rarely do we care about our language looks like, let alone what color our taste buds!

However, the papillae are easily discernible and also its color. According to traditional Chinese medicine, when the buds have abnormal and shades of bright red and even purple inflammations, means that there is some kind of problem at different levels of health.

Swollen and red buds

Swollen and red buds are a signal indicating that the body is experiencing excessive heat and fever. The next time you find yourself in front of someone or you find yourself with a viral infection or fever, you can confirm this on your own observing these small circular patches on the tongue.

The reddish stains and indicate that a pathogen is invading the body and results in fever occurs. According to traditional Chinese medicine, part of the tip of the tongue is related to the heart, the center’s arms and both sides of the liver and stomach.

Excess heat in areas related to the heart and chest, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, excessive sweating and anxiety. Excess heat in the area related to the stomach, produces acidity, cramps, nausea and bad breath, among others. Finally, excess heat in areas related to the gallbladder and liver, can cause problems with anger and irritability, headaches, eye problems, dizziness and high blood pressure.

Swollen and purple buds

If the buds are swollen and purple, according to traditional Chinese medicine, we face a more serious issue indicating stagnation in the blood and energy, or qi. It is a problem of blood circulation in the body and fluidity. It may be due to liver blocked by excesses in food or emotional problems and repressed anger.

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