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What are the symptoms of skin cancer

What are the symptoms of skin cancer

The skin is the largest organ of the body, constantly exposed to the ravages of weather and sunshine, which is why skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. This condition if caught early has a good prognosis for recovery, so it is important to learn to identify those signs in our skin that could show any danger. So in this article, we explain what are the symptoms of skin cancer.


Skin cancer is a condition that can affect anyone, though certain groups are more prone to this condition:

People with pale skin, blue eyes, because they are more sensitive to the effects of the sun. Those who have spent much time in the sun. Those who have suffered major burns sun. Those with an immediate family member who has had skin cancer. People over 50 years.

There are two common types of skin Cancer Diseases and side effects: basal cell and squamous cell, both with own symptoms that might indicate their presence. Melanoma, but is perhaps best known because of its highly dangerous type, is not the most common.

Among the symptoms of basal cell skin cancer include the following Cancer Diseases and side effects:

It occurs in areas of skin exposed to the sun, usually in areas such as the head and neck but can occur at any other. It manifests through flat, firm and light colored spots. It can also appear in the form of lumps of pale pink or red, sensitive to color and may bleed easily. It may be accompanied by brown or bluish spots and irregularities in the case of larger, have a discharge of fluid or scabs.

Symptoms of squamous cell skin cancer include the Cancer Diseases and side effects

They occur in sun-exposed areas, especially on the face, ears, neck, back of hands and lips. They may also appear in scars or wounds that previously exist. Usually bumps or spots that increase in size. These are bumps with a rough, scaly surface crust usually present. They also manifest themselves in the form of reddish patches that grow slowly.

Importantly, our skin, especially if it is clear and freckles, moles and Cancer Diseases and side effects or stains. Some warning signs that require visiting a dermatologist Cancer Diseases and side effects

Stains that have increased in size or changed its appearance and shape. Suspicious stains or marks. Sores that do not heal after just several months. Moles that change shape, size or color.

If you are among your immediate family cases of skin cancer or if you have a clear dermis, with freckles, moles and Cancer Diseases and side effects or stains, always take an annual checkup to review the marks of your body and ensure that your skin is in perfect state. It is also important to consider all measures to prevent skin cancer and ensure your health.

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