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Tips for practicing yoga

Tips for practicing yoga

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Probably already have an idea about what yoga is because it is one of the disciplines in pursuit of a more extended by the world healthier life.

But keep in mind that although the practice is increasingly common, does not make it easy, requiring much discipline and effort to perform all the asanas (yoga positions) as must be done.

Therefore, and so it will be easier, here we will provide some points to consider before practicing yoga.

Time of day

While there are some versions of yoga that can be practiced at any time of day, undoubtedly the best time to practice this discipline is completely awake after fasting.

However, if the morning is not your best time, you could choose to practice only the asanas or exercises of pranayama (breathing) which is most beneficial to you, since for these only have to take care of practice, at least 2 hours after eating.


Choosing the right location is also very important for a successful practice of yoga, being preferred places that encourage relaxation and concentration.

In case of covered spaces, try to be pleasant environment, with good access to natural light and airy.

However, if you practice yoga possible contact with nature will allow a connection to the very favorable environment for your practicing yoga although it also has some drawbacks, such as the power being interrupted by someone, surprised by weather changes or inconvenienced by wildlife.


Breathing is one of the foundations of yoga, gathering best practices and exercises to do in pranayama. As a general rule, we can say that yoga should always breathe through the nose, either to inspire and to expire the air from the lungs.


Of course, the degree to which you focus on your exercises will determine when to perform them and to receive their full benefits. Concentrate purely on yogic philosophy, completely forgetting obligations, problems or issues of everyday life. Remember that this time I dedicate to yourself and your health.

Always look make your practice in comfort and relaxation, as otherwise hardly expect to get the results of yoga.

In addition to these key guidelines for practicing yoga, you just have to be careful in choosing the right asanas for your fitness or health (if you practice individually) as well as perform your exercises with a comfortable and flexible clothing, free of any unnecessary element.

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