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The properties of Shiitake mushrooms

The properties of Shiitake mushrooms

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The properties of shiitake mushrooms are many and all very beneficial to health. These fungi growing in Asia, are often used in various herbal remedies. Among the properties of shiitake mushrooms are actions against tumors and viruses, and lowering cholesterol, come to know them a little more.

Properties of shiitake mushrooms against diseases

Shiitake mushrooms are often used to slow down the effects of diseases such as AIDS or cancer, as they stimulate the body’s immune system. They are also indicated in people with heart problems, and getting lower blood cholesterol Shiitake mushrooms while it is useful in diseases like hepatitis because it produces a group of proteins called natural interferon, getting stop development of viruses. Animal studies show some of the properties of shiitake mushrooms.

Lentinan and beta glucan, two of these mushrooms contain compounds that are able to slow the growth of tumors, their activity and the impact of cancer treatments. This polysaccharide – a large molecule composed of smaller molecules Sucrose, stimulates the immune system to create as many macrophages and T cells that attack cancer.

In Japan, lentinan is used to prevent chromosomal damage due to Chemotherapy cancer treatments, radiation therapy, . In clinical trials it has been shown that lentinan can prolong and improve the quality of life of patients with some types of cancer receiving chemotherapy.

Moreover, eritadenine is capable of lowering cholesterol Shiitake mushrooms Although studies show that this occurs more in people who do have a high intake of foods with high cholesterol. In addition, consumption of these mushrooms helps guard against heart disease because it protects blood vessels to help the bonding process of immune cells in the vessels.

Furthermore, shiitake mushrooms contain eight essential amino acids for our body, vitamins A, B, B12, C and D, iron, minerals (zinc, copper, potassium, manganese) and even has a fat absorbing compound, which It is also useful for people who want to lose those extra pounds.

How to prepare shiitake mushrooms and where to find

Proponents of the properties of shiitake mushrooms say you should eat both the head and the stem, but generally do not talk about amounts. One of the major recommendations to avoid losing the properties of the same in the kitchen is not burning, sauteed with just seven minutes are ready to consume.

The whole mushroom can be found in grocery stores, however, if we want to, where the medicinal uses of shiitake mushroom extract is recommended, not the mushroom itself-are available in homeopathic remedies, or online. They are commonly sold in Japan, USA and Europe.

Problems and complications of shiitake mushrooms

By not accountable to central institutions, as do other pharmaceutical products containing shiitake mushrooms may not include information on cure or treatment of diseases, nor have the obligation to write all the components contained in the product.

However, no serious problems have been considered after consumption of shiitake mushrooms, except, sometimes bloating or Shiitake mushrooms as well as allergic reactions.

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