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How to treat prostate, kidney and bladder cancer

How to treat prostate, kidney and bladder cancer

Currently, cancer remains a major killer diseases in our society. When talking about cancer is not referring to a single disease but each of which affects a different part of the body and responds to a different cause. All cancers give rise to alterations in the body and generally show signs of development in bulk form.
This is like a cyst containing thousands of cancer cells inside. In prostate cancer may have difficulty or discomfort when urinating and the patient presents many urination. What compels you to get up several times a night. It usually occurs in older men, especially after age 50. In bladder cancer may be the presence of blood in the urine, but no pain. The chances of cure are many bladder cancer if caught in the early stages, because bladder tumors are not malignant. In these cases, research is needed to establish the type of tumor and rule out other diseases such as kidney stones. However, in kidney cancer may have the presence of blood in the urine and the patient complained of pain in the abdomen. Here’s how to treat cancer of prostate, kidney and bladder.


In the presence of any symptoms or unusual feelings in your body, you have to go to your doctor and to the appropriate specialist for complete healing possible.

You have to follow a diet rich in fresh fruits and raw vegetables as a purifying remedy to treat prostate cancer, kidney and bladder.

When you wake in the morning, you have to take a tablespoon of white clay diluted in half a cup of water.

One useful choice is to take onion soup. We recommend you to take two glasses each day and you take out the meals.

You must give two vital bathrooms, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, every day.

In addition you also have to take two steam baths per week.

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