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How to treat lung cancer

How to treat lung cancer

Currently, cancer remains a major killer diseases in our society. When talking about cancer is not referring to a single disease but each of which affects a different part of the body and responds to a different cause. All cancers give rise to alterations in the body and generally show signs of development in bulk form.
This is like a cyst containing thousands of cancer cells inside. Lung cancer is one which, as the name suggests is in the lung. It is a group of diseases resulting from the malignant growth of cells in the respiratory tract of the person who suffers it. More exactly the lung tissue. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of global and more serious level in human cancer. The main symptoms of this disease include a persistent cough, blood in sputum, chest pain and weight loss. When a person stops smoking improves slowly and greatly decrease the chance of developing lung cancer and other diseases due to smoking. Here’s how to treat lung cancer, although their chances of recovery are slim.


The first thing you have to do is talk to your doctor. If you suffer from lung cancer, the treatment they will be to remove the affected lung, wherever possible.

You have to follow a lacto ovo vegetarian regime in many vegetables you eat. Which can garnish with natural seasonings.

We recommend that you drink lots of fruit juices of time, and the juices of carrot and beet.

You have to eat a lot of raw onion and garlic in all your meals.

Every night you have to eat for dinner onion puree.

If you show discomfort, you can alleviate taking an infusion of orange blossom petals or valerian root. We recommend that you take three lung cancer one in the morning, once in the afternoon and last night.

For the treatment of this cancer are very useful baths in hot water because they help relieve pain.

Make outdoor rest and exercise without becoming tired every day.

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