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How to treat breast cancer

How to treat breast cancer

Currently cancer remains a major killer diseases in our society. When talking about cancer is not referring to a single disease but each of which affects a different part of the body and responds to a different cause. All cancers give rise to alterations in the body and generally show signs of development in bulk form.
This is like a cyst containing thousands of cancer cells inside. Thus, breast cancer is the uncontrolled growth of malignant cells in breast tissue. Warning signs found in breast cancer are the presence of breast lumps or any alteration of the shape of the breast of woman, a swelling in the armpit, nipple retraction or blood flow nipple. So it’s very important that all women examine their breasts at least once a year, at an age you have to see a specialist to do a thorough examination of the body. Women most at risk are those who have had a case of cancer in the family, women with no children or just one, which have the first child past twenty years, who have had benign cysts, those whose breasts are fibrous body and having late menopause, while maintaining the period to beyond the fifty-one years. Here’s how to treat breast cancer. Early detection and early treatment of breast cancer can lead to a complete cure.


You must make your breast self-exams and scans your body often, so you know if something is wrong with your body.

If you notice anything abnormal in your body or have questions about something you should consult your doctor.

You should follow a vegetarian diet soft abound in vegetables and not very acidic fruit time.

Also we recommend you eat raw onion and minced garlic every day and in different meals. The you can mix in salads.

It is also helpful to eat onion puree every night.

Every day you must take a warm bath with gentle stream in the affected part of your body. But if you prefer, in the early stages you can take two or three steam baths a week, followed by general body wraps and finally applying yourself a cool bath.

You have to make exercise and fitness whenever possible outdoors, and enjoy plenty of free air throughout the day but with little or no sun exposure.

Your bed must be in a room that is well ventilated. And in summer we recommend you to sleep with the window open for air circulation and renews.

You should wash your cancerous ulcer with pure water or chamomile tea several times throughout the day.

We also recommend that you apply compresses of chamomile or peppermint above the cancerous ulcer.

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