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How to take care after chemotherapy

How to take care after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, or chemotherapy, is a powerful chemical drug used to treat cancer. It is administered in order to kill cancer cells in the body or reduce existing tumors until they are operable. Although chemotherapy can be very effective, it also has its risks and side effects.
Some people experience nausea, loss of appetite, hair loss, fatigue, fever and pain. Chemotherapy also has some lasting side effects such as memory loss, heart problems, and cancer risk in the future. There are steps you can take to improve your lifestyle and help your body recover from this debilitating treatment.


Visit your doctor regularly. Make follow-up appointments with your doctor to check your progress and discuss any persistent problem. You need to make these trips to the doctor a priority for the rest of your life.

Avoid harmful substances like alcohol and cigarettes. These substances can aggravate their health problems and even cause other cancers. Alcohol also affects your liver function, and will have fully functioning organs to help your body recover from cancer treatment.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Be sure to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables to keep your body in shape. The fiber in fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods such as whole grains, can help prevent cancer recurrence and maintain your weight and blood fats under control. Exercise daily, walk softly even do wonders to repair your body.

See a nutritionist if you have impaired memory or thought. According to the Mayo Clinic, this phenomenon is known as brain chemotherapy. Patients are often faced with cognitive problems after chemotherapy. A neuropsychologist can help you adapt to changes in the brain and repair your thought patterns. Repetition exercises to help your memory function.

Protect against infection because their immune system weakened leave him more vulnerable to disease. Wash your hands after using the bathroom and before eating. Stay away from family and friends who are colds or flu.

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