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How to prevent lymphedema in breast cancer

How to prevent lymphedema in breast cancer

Preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of lymphedema is essential, because once established, there is no effective curative treatment. Prevention should begin immediately after surgery and requires a series of daily care by women, as well as regular monitoring by the physiotherapist in charge of educating the patient on proper sanitary habits.


Immediately after the intervention should begin a program of breathing exercises and mobility of the affected arm.

Gradually, they will be introducing a greater number of movements, which were carried out gently and repeatedly.

These exercises can be useful immediately after the surgical procedure, and that mobilize the scar.

Breathe in through your nose trying to inflate the abdomen, hold your breath for a few seconds and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. The movement of the abdomen is controlled by placing his hands on him.

Inspire the air expanding the lower chest, hold for a few seconds, slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Inspire the air expanding the upper chest, hold the air one second and slowly breathe out through your mouth.

Sitting on a stool, slowly raise the arm forward opening and closing the hand. In the same position laterally separate the arm opening and closing the hand.

Sitting at a table, place your hand under it with a book on the table. Slide the book slowly forward, the moment you begin to feel discomfort, return to the starting position.

Sitting sideways on the table, move the arm forward and backward by placing a book in the hand for easy movement.

Sitting on a stool, hold a towel in the back, one hand above and one below, make movements towards both hands.

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