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How to prepare naturally a decaffeinated tea

How to prepare naturally a decaffeinated tea

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We all know that tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can draw, and most often found in natural treatments and dietary regimes.

Although this drink has many beneficial nutrients for the body, also contains a significant amount of caffeine, a stimulant stressed that while it may be useful on occasion, in other is best avoided. And not to deprive us of the properties of tea, let’s see how to prepare decaffeinated tea and its benefits.

Benefits of decaffeinated tea

Although the caffeine content of tea does not compare to the coffee, no doubt that still continues to contain significant amounts, which in many cases might want to avoid, either because they lose sleep, it produces an undesirable stimulation or counterproductive in case of heartburn, dehydration or heart Decaffeinated tea these unwanted effects can be avoided by decaffeinated tea, which can be reduced between 80 and 90 of the caffeine in tea.

But it also should be noted that during this process, also part of the antioxidant content which precisely are the major nutrients and benefits offered tea is lost, so before you water it down should analyze what benefits we get from him, and which to avoid.

However, many flavonoids remain in the decaffeinated tea, providing its antioxidant the body properties, so this product can be used in cases where it is desired to reduce caffeine intake, but still drink tea, because tea decaffeinated homemade preserves an almost identical way taste, but with much less protein (or caffeine).

How to prepare decaffeinated tea?

Remove most of the usual tea caffeine is a very simple process, and you just take a second to prepare a normal infusion.

First, you must prepare a tea as usual: heating water and pouring it over the tea, only this first resulting cup will not be what you consume, but must discard it and return to prepare another infusion with the same leaves or tea bag.

This procedure will get a lighter than usual tea, but virtually no caffeine, or any of the chemicals that may contain decaffeinated teas commercially, so if you want to reduce your intake of protein, but not leave the tea and its benefits, prepare a naturally decaffeinated tea may be your solution.

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