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How to identify a first-degree burn

How to identify a first-degree burn

Burns are very common household accidents to which we are exposed especially in the kitchen, for this reason it is essential to know the best way to treat them to ensure proper healing. However, depending on the type of injury will be necessary to see a doctor, you know when they can be treated at home and when to go to the emergency room? We show you how to recognize the most common, discover how to identify a first degree burn.


Burns are divided into first, second and third grade, as the depth and the damage they have caused to the skin.
The first degree is considered the mildest of all, being also the most common injuries suffered at home when handling ingredients like hot oil or boiling water, or using appliances such as the oven and the iron.

The first degree burns cause a slight skin damage, causing injury without affecting the functions of the epidermis, which can still perform our tasks as controlling temperature or protect the area from infection. For this reason it is brands that can usually be treated at home using specialized home remedies or creams.

But how to identify first-degree burns? Its features are:

Redness of the skin in the affected area. Burning generates discomfort but it is bearable. Pain. These lesions have no blisters, nor penetrate deeper layers of the skin, but superficial.

Since it is very common and superficial burns, it will not need to visit a doctor, unless other symptoms such as fever, severe pain or burning occurs. However, it is important to take steps at home to ensure proper healing and recovery of the affected area. In our article, how to cure burns home remedies are some ideal options for the treatment of these lesions.

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