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How to get back in shape without going to the gym

How to get back in shape without going to the gym

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Work out in the gym is always ideal to stay physically fit option but often a long and tight schedule makes it impossible to approach the gym frequently. Faced with this situation we need to seek alternatives and new ways to keep fit.

Walking the dog and burn calories

Walking the dog in the park or some open space dedicated to this activity is an option that will help you, as they say, to kill two birds with one stone.
Like you, your pet needs to exercise and stay fit, why not do it together?

Thus having a pet is a good reason to keep fit. A pet needs a responsible and active person, who is willing to provide the necessary care and in this case it takes a walk and play with it.

Going for a walk or even better, to run between 30 and 45 minutes a day or at least 3 times a week in the park, is a perfect choice to start stay fit without visiting the gym. It’s good for you and good for your pet.

It was never so healthy watching TV

And you’ve probably already heard or you found out that there are several exercises you can do while you’re in front of the TV watching the news or your favorite program.

It is a good choice to help you stay in shape without going to the gym and at least you’ll be giving it a more productive nature in fact sit and watch television. You can exercise watching TV during commercials (most commercial lasts between 1 and 3 minutes) or throughout the program.

Some of the most common ways to do while watching TV exercises are crunches and planks can be made during business before the show starts exercise yoga postures, stretching, weights, jumping frog, etc.

Exercise videos

One way to simulate a day out in the fitness room from the house is watching a video exercise routines and special positioning to help you stay in shape. You can buy a videotape, a DVD or even search the web, where you can find many videos and tutorials that will help you maintain proper exercise routine.

Simply we stand in front of the TV with comfortable clothes and follow the video instructions. It’s easy, secure and private. Nothing better than your own home and if you’ve lost a step, you simply return to play back the video and try again.

Have fun with the kids

Have fun, smile and play is another way to stay healthy. The source of bigger and fun are all healthy children. Play with them, laugh and run will then be another good option that will help you stay in shape while at the same time you interact with your children.

You can play in the backyard or go to the park, walk, run, jump or play sports with them. This will not only be healthy for you but also for kids who love and really need this contact with you, laugh and play with adults.

Whatever the reason, if you think you can not go to the gym, it is best to bring the gym to your house. To do this you should consider getting some systems and exercise equipment for your home.

There are countless models with different sizes, features and price with many possibilities and ways of payment. You only need a space at home, you can be the garage or a room that has little use. With home appliances will be no excuses for not exercising everyday and videos accompanying you exercise, you can practice all the necessary routines to keep fit without even closer to the gym.

Sports games rowing, sword, tennis, golf, boxing, cycling and many more options, playing video games will be a real option that will have you shaking your body and keep moving. In addition it is also an activity that you can do with the kids.

Stay up and help eliminate calories

When you remain standing instead of sitting or lying down, you’re burning 33 more calories. A good way to stand is when, for example, the phone rings exercise rather than sit down to talk on the phone stand up, walk and move.

Apply this habit will not be easy at first but then will become a mere habit. Every time you think you can keep standing instead of sitting: do it! Waiting for the bus stand, if the journey is short do stand, walk, stay in a standing posture, etc.

If you want more tips to keep in shape without going to the gym, I recommend that you take a look at these fun activities to keep fit and these exercises, you will be of great help to complement these activities.

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