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How to eat to prevent breast cancer

How to eat to prevent breast cancer

There are several mechanisms that would link to obesity and cancer development. Typical of obesity and vegetables and fruits hormonal changes, chronic inflammation, boost, anatomical changes and physical inactivity, would be linked to the increased prevalence of this pathology. A healthy lifestyle which include a varied, balanced and complete diet, physical activity with continuity and maintaining appropriate body weight, during all stages of life, an important strategy for cancer prevention.
Here we will provide some recommendations.


Maintain a healthy body vegetables and fruits maintain body weight in adulthood at the lower limit within normal, avoiding increases in waist circumference and body weight. In adults the median body mass index (BMI) should be between 21 and 23 kg vegetables and fruits m 2.

Staying physically vegetables and fruits perform moderate physical activity 30 minutes a day, if it is possible to 60 minutes, or 30 minutes or more of vigorous activity. Limit sedentary habits. Physical activity reduces the risk of several cancers. All forms of physical activity protect against some cancers.

Restrict intake of food and energy drinks that enable highly increased vegetables and fruits they comprise those foods with more than 225-275 kcal vegetables and fruits 100 g. Avoid sugary drinks and reducing or avoiding consumption of fast foods. The average energy density of the diet should provide 125 kcal vegetables and fruits 100 g.

Eat mostly foods of plant vegetables and fruits the recommendation to people is to eat an average of 600 g of non-starchy vegetables and fruits. Individually, we recommend consuming 5 servings daily, equivalent to at least 400 g. Include in each unprocessed food grains and pulses.

Limit your intake of red meat (beef, swine, sheep and goat from domesticated animals) and processed foods (salted meats, cured or smoked): red meat consumption by the population should not exceed 300 g (400 500 g raw) per week, individually recommend eating less than 500 g per week, in both cases with minimal or no consumption of processed meat. The cooking of meat to high temperatures and vegetables and fruits or charcoal grill may produce carcinogens.

If you drink alcohol, drink no more than two daily measures in the case of man, or if more than one woman (1 vegetables and fruits 10 to 15 g of ethanol) alcoholic drinks increase the risk of cancer.

The population is recommended average consumption less than 5 g of salt, equivalent of 2 g of sodium daily. Individually food intake be limited with added salt, in order to achieve less than 6 g of salt (sodium 2.4 g) daily intake. Do not eat cereal or legumes contaminated by fungi.

It promotes complete nutrient requirements based on the diet. No nutritional supplements shown to prevent cancer.

Ensure that mothers feed their infants exclusively breastfed until 6 months, later incorporating adequate vegetables and fruits exclusive breastfeeding is a protective factor for mother and child, preventing breast cancer in mothers pre and postmenopausal and overweight and obesity in children.

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