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How to cut calories from your diet

How to cut calories from your diet

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Many people, in addition to proposed exercise regularly and take care to carry out a healthy diet, try to take care of daily calories as a way to lose weight. To lose a kilo in a week need to burn 500 calories per day. Here are some ideas to cut calories from your diet in your meals everyday.

Reducing calories at breakfast

Choose a Greek yogurt instead of a common yogurt flavored with fruit.

Instead of adding raisins to your bowl of yogurt, add 15 cut grapes. You will reduce 50 calories.

Choose whole wheat toast instead of any baked good.

Choose skim milk instead of whole milk.

If you prepare an omelet, replaces any of the eggs whites only.

Reducing calories at lunch

Instead of two slices of bread for a sandwich, choose a whole wheat pita. You will reduce 30 calories.

Instead of mayonnaise, use hummus chickpea and you avoid add 69 calories, plus it is very healthy.

Instead of cheese on a sandwich add different vegetables.

Choose canned tuna water instead of oil.

Reducing calories at dinner

Choose a veggie burger instead of a meat and will reduce intake at least 190 calories.

Choose herbal vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar instead of oil or butter flavor and save 80 calories.

Always start your meal with a salad to avoid overeating at the calorie dishes.

Use cooking spray instead of cooking oil to the pan or griddle.

Prepare pizza with half the cheese that usually would use, or only with vegetables.

Choose type minestrone soups instead of cream soups.

Reducing calories when choosing dessert

Instead of a chocolate chip cookie, give yourself a treat with 3 bars of chocolate and will reduce about 100 calories.

Beware of gourmet coffee. A mocha coffee has about 400 calories. Choose a common coffee with a little cinnamon.

Help yourself to only half a serving of dessert complete with exotic fruits.

Substitute half the oil in a baked recipe for applesauce.

Do not add butter to your popcorn.

Try these simple tips to go subtracting calories from your meals everyday.

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