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How to avoid dark circles

How to avoid dark circles

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How many times have we meet someone and we ask our look tired? Undoubtedly, the main clue that tells others who have had a difficult night are dark circles, this dark hue that appears under the eyes and usually is noticeable with greater intensity during the first hour.

Now, why is that brand that can reach age the face appear younger? How do we avoid them? What to do when the circles appear?

Causes of dark circles

All the circles relate to poor sleep, but this is just one of the reasons that cause their appearance, either by lack of sleep as from sleeping in a bad position which prevented the proper circulation of our blood.

But there are other reasons why the purple color is accentuated in the bag beneath our eyes, as dehydration or too much salty food, which causes fluid retention.
Also the use of cosmetics strong composition can cause the appearance of dark circles, to cause swelling of the area under the eyes.

Finally, we circles cases caused by shocks or large physical exhaustion, which causes veins noticeable that area through the skin. Something similar happens in old age, permanent dark circles resulting in muscle weakness and eyelids suffering manifested in the generation of folds that slide down.

Care to prevent dark circles

Given that the circles are not an original feature of our body, but appear for some situations of imbalance, we follow certain guidelines regain that harmony and prevent its occurrence. In particular, what is recommended it is:

Eating the right amount of water according to our routine. At least 2 liters a normal day and a little if we do additional exercise.

Sleep in comfortable positions. His back is the ideal medium for body fluids are distributed correctly position. Avoid sleep deprivation.

Avoid alcoholic beverages in quantity as they cause dehydration of the body, especially beer.

Avoid salt in foods. Promotes sodium retention and contributes to under-eye bags are formed.

There are home remedies to prevent dark circles, like eating fresh parsley fasting to prevent fluid retention. Among the vitamin supplements ingestible vitamin K that prevents swelling of the capillary is recommended.

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