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9 Grains You Can Eat if You Have Allergy To Wheat

9 Grains You Can Eat if You Have Allergy To Wheat

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Eating a varied and balanced diet is essential for good health, but what happens when allergies prevent us from eating certain foods and vitamins so they bring us? If you have gaps you could get sick, so we tell you how to impersonate other wheat grains.

1. Amaranth

It is typical of countries such as Mexico and Central America, three times in calcium and is rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
It is the only grain having vitamin C in addition to components such as protein and lysine, which are not found in other grains and other of its advantages is that it is gluten free and helps lower cholesterol.

2. Buckwheat

It is similar to beech tree seeds. It is rich in zinc, copper and manganese and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. Its protein content is very high and has more amino acids that plants, just contain starch but instead has soluble fiber.

3. Oats

The benefits of oats are well known, but it is worth remembering that is rich in fiber and grains you just have to be careful to read the label when you buy it, as it is easy that may contain some wheat.

4. Cornmeal

Although it is free of wheat, like oats can be contaminated in the production process, so it is best to buy in food stores and always read the labels.

5. Millet

It has a distinctive nutty taste, is very similar to couscous and there are plenty of recipes in which you can include to replace wheat flour or rice.

6. Quinoa

This food has become very popular thanks to the vitamins and minerals they provide. It is a good substitute for wheat and you can include it in soups, side dishes, casseroles

7. Sorghum

It contains especially iron and phosphorus in grains. It is widely used for meals prepared in the oven and is ideal for celiacs because it is free of gluten.

8. Teff

While we are well known, gradually is becoming a place in the market, it is originally from Ethiopia and is the main ingredient of the traditional flat bread of that country.
It is small gluten-free seeds with high doses of B vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B 6. Ideal for vegans.

9. Wild Rice

It contains protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium and B vitamins, is increasingly common to see him in supermarkets and is also a popular rice in India. While it takes longer to cook than conventional rice, thanks to what brings well worth the wait.

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