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5 types of people who can not take birth control pills

5 types of people who can not take birth control pills

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Birth control pills are a female hormonal method that is very popular in society, thanks to its high range of effectiveness. There are several types of pills offered by the market in general, but the truth is that not everyone can consume. Maybe you’re considering start them, that is why first need to know what are the 5 types of people who can not take birth control pills, thus avoid future inconvenience or discomfort.
Remember it is very important to talk to your doctor about this, he will tell you what pill and what dosage is best for you, and if not, you can not eat them, will give you a workaround for this problem.

1. People with a history of blood clots or genetic problems that cause clotting

The intake of it is not recommended to people who suffer or have suffered blood clots, medical insurance will give you another method you can use, and may be as affective as pills.

2. People who suffer from migraine with aura

Migraines with aura are those that produce spots and flashing lights, making it difficult to see that happen, they happen between 5-30 minutes before suffering a headache or any neurological symptoms such as numbness or loss of speech.

3. People who suffer from heart disease

If you suffer from some form of heart disease, you might prohibit the use of birth control pills. Remember that if this is the case, first you must ask your doctor to do, he will guide you to the most reliable solution.

4. People who have high blood pressure

If you have a high pressure considerate and do not consume drugs to control it, you have restricted the use of these pills.

5. People who can not move or walk

If you have been subjected to a surgery, or for some reason you’ve been immobilized, you should not consume the pills.

These were the 5 types of people who can not take birth control pills if you are one of these, consult a professional and not consume these pills. Remember that there is always another option and today, science offers many effective methods that promise effective and will not harm your health.

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